Bexar County, TX

Local Masonic Lodges in TX

Bexar County - Masonic Lodges

Lodge Name Number City Meetings
Alamo44San Antonio2nd Wed. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00p )
Albert Pike1169San Antonio2nd Tues. 7:00p
Anchor424San Antonio1st Tues. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Army1105San Antonio2nd Tues. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00pm )
Blue Bonnet1219San Antonio2nd Mon. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Charles W. Anderson1413San Antonio1st Tues. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Cibolo151San Antonio4th Mon. 7:30p
Community1201San Antonio2nd Mon. 7:30p
Davy Crockett1225San Antonio1st Tues. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
DeMolay199San Antonio3rd Tues. 7:00p / 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11
Harlandale1213San Antonio3rd Tues. 7:00p
Helotes1429Helotes3rd Thur. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00p )
Highland Hills1373San Antonio2nd Thur. 7:30p
Kelly1131San Antonio1st Tues. 7:30p
Lonnie Irvin Daylight1309San Antonio2nd Sat. 1:30p ( Meal 12:00p )
Merit727San AntonioLast Fri. 6:30p ( Meal 7:30p ) / 1,3,4,6,7,9,10,12
Nat M. Washer1270San Antonio1st Mon. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Patterson1177San Antonio2nd Mon. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00p )
Perfect Union10San Antonio1st Tues. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Prospect Hill1247San Antonio2nd Mon. 7:00p ( Meal 6:15pm )
San Antonio1079San Antonio2nd Tues. 7:30p ( Meal 6:00p )
Somerset1205Somerset2nd Thur. 7:30p
Texas8San Antonio1st Tues. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Triune15San Antonio3rd Thur. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Valley-Hi1407San Antonio2nd Tues. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00p )
Victory1160San Antonio2nd Tues. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00p )
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