About MasonPost.com

As a Masonic wife and webmaster, I see firsthand the difficulties that my husband and his Masonic brothers have communicating with each other. Some use email, some phone trees, some subscribe to phone mail services, others use one antiquated system or another. What's worse is that when he is out of town as a “traveling man,” he needs to move heaven and earth to find local lodges to visit and it's even harder to find the right meeting dates and times. An overwhelming majority of lodges do not have a web or social media presence, which is how aspiring candidates in the 21st Century find how to join or identify lodges close to their homes. How many potentially great masons are discouraged and give up at a time when we are struggling with membership?

After identifying this need, one that every Masonic lodge in every state has, I put my decades of web consulting, design, and development to work to create MasonPost, a tool designed to facilitate communication between Masons, lodges, and candidates. Part of my web practice involves supporting my husband and his brothers, and managing the web presence of many appendant bodies, like the York and Scottish Rites and the Shrine, and Masonic women's organizations. I have leveraged my experience and input from Masonic thought leaders and built MasonPost as a robust and powerful communications platform, one designed to facilitate Masonic activities such as a proprietary comprehensive list of all regular Masonic lodges in the US, including meeting days and times.

Masonry is a tradition-rich organization, steeped in history and time-honored customs. As such, Masonry is slow in changing with the times and adopting new technologies. A quick web search will show that lodges have wildly varying levels of web presence; some lodges have homemade websites from the 1990s, some use social media sites like Facebook, some pay exorbitant fees for professionally-made websites with plenty of flash but no substance, but 80-90% have no web presence whatsoever. MasonPost is the answer.

MasonPost.com is powered by the IntroLinks Network which has provided local directories of businesses and organizations since 1999.

Unofficial Site Disclaimer

MasonPost.com is a product of CO2 Consulting Group, Inc., a web services and consulting company, and is not affiliated with any official masonic organization. For the most current official information available regarding any local masonic lodge please visit their website if available, otherwise visit the respective state's Grand Lodge website. IMPORTANT: This page contains information which has been gathered from public records.

Errors and omissions excepted

All data presented on MasonPost.com is collected from publically available sources and/or submitted by site users. MasonPost.com does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of this site.

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Mason Post Updates: What's New!

  • Login Accounts - tools specifically designed for traveling masons.
  • MasonPost Dashboard - See connected/favorite lodges and area event calendars
  • Lodge Profile Edits - Update/Add Location, Meetings, Website, Officer List, etc.
  • Meeting Tonight Highlight - Quickly see upcoming meetings in county/district lists.
  • Responsive Design - Entire site design is now mobile friendly
  • Installed Lodge Search on all pages. "Advanced Search" being developed!
  • County/District lodge listings can now be sorted by meeting day.
  • County lodge listings can now be sorted by affiliated Grand Lodge.
  • Completed adding all AF&AM blue lodges, Total: 11,200+ lodges
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Whats Next?

This list is NOT an all-inclusive task list of the MasonPost.com projects. We will add things to the Hot List as items get close to being published. Long term goals are simply that.

Hot List! – Currently in Development

  • Advanced Search: Find a Meeting - Search by Date/Location and sort by distance.
  • Prince Hall Inclusion - Continue to add recognized PHA Lodge Profiles

Long Term Goals – Planned Tools available for Login Accounts

  • MasonPost PASSPORT - "Collect" lodges as you travel and visit area lodges.
  • Degree Planning - Purpose-build option to replace generic tools like Evite.
  • Calendars - Purpose-build option to replace generic tools like Google Calendar.
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