Group 3

of Alabama

AL District : Blue Lodges

Lodge Name Number City Meetings
Abernant646Vance 2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Acacia670Quinton2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Birmala836ClayEa Tues.
Black Creek610Nauvoo2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Blockton474West BloctonEa Mon.
Bluff Park856Hoover1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Brooklin704Dora1st Mon. / 3rd Mon.
Brookside552BrooksideEa Tues.
Brookwood509Brookwood1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Buck Creek410Helena2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Bush777Pinson2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Cahaba Heights887Birmingham1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Calera445Calera2nd Mon. / 4th Mon.
Carbon Hill494Carbon Hill1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Carrollton214Carrollton3rd Tues.
Center Point872BirminghamEa Thur.
Central70Montevallo1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Charity331Randolph1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Charles Baskerville281Fayette2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Chelsea886Chelsea2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Clanton423Clanton1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Coldwater148WoodstockEa Thur.
Cordova559Cordova1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Cunningham512Graysville2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Dolcito596Tarrant1st Mon. / 3rd Mon.
East Lake480IrondaleEa Mon.
Fairfield749Midfield1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Fellowship172Reform2nd Mon. / 4th Mon.
Five Points King Solomon897Irondale1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Flint Hill810BessemerEa Mon.
Friendship83Centreville1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Gardendale907Gardendale2nd Mon. / 4th Mon.
Georgiana Davis338Trussville2nd Mon. / 4th Mon.
Gordo564Gordo2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Hewitt North Birmingham519Birmingham2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Hoover644Hoover1st Mon. / 3rd Mon.
Huffman633BirminghamEa Thur.
Irondale506IrondaleEa Mon.
J. Collier Foster906Northport2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Lamon Chapel723Jasper2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Leeds446LeedsEa Tues.
Livingston41Livingston1st Mon. / 3rd Mon.
Maplesville706Maplesville2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Maryland783Sipsey2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
McCarty-Farrar8Mount Olive1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Metro East928Irondale1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Metro West927Adamsville2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Milton H. Fies722Mulga1st Mon. / 3rd Mon.
Moundville123Moundville1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Mount Pinson495PinsonEa Mon.
Oak Grove617Adger2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Odom Craft585Parrish1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Pleasant Grove909Pleasant Grove2nd Mon. / 4th Mon.
Rising Virtue4Tuscaloosa2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Sam Thompson456Morris1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Shades Valley829HomewoodEa Thur.
Shelby140Columbiana1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Stanley Cost Lodge411Jemison2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Temple425Marion2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Unity930Hueytown2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Wilsonville510Wilsonville1st Mon. / 3rd Mon.
York211Jasper1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.

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