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Whats Next?

This list is NOT an all-inclusive task list of the projects. We will add things to the Hot List as items get close to being published. Long term goals are simply that.


Listed in no particular order:

  • System Refactoring for Mobile - This is currently in the works!
  • Detailed Pre-Registration Form - Form to allow users to submit membership details.
  • Lodge Submission - Form to allow members to submit new lodges.
  • Lodge Update Submission - Custom auto-filled forms to submit change requests.
  • User Logins - View more lodge information, claim your lodge, vouche for visitors and more.
  • Remainging AFAM Lodge Profiles - Data is being collected.
  • Include PHA Lodge Profiles - Data is being collected.


Will happen after the site is fully populated with US lodges.

  • Improved Lodge Search (Zipcode) - Most lodge records do not yet contain zipcodes, zipcode search will do a location lookup and then locate lodges by city or county based on zipcode requested.
  • Improved Lodge Search (Radius) - Ultimately, geographical searches by city and zipcode will do lat/long distance math to provide a 50 mile radius results in "distance" order. Thus, answering the question, what blue lodges are in my area and which one is the closest.
  • County/District Calendar - This will allow visitors to see in a calendar format all lodge stated communications scheduled within a district.
  • User Profiles for social networking, planning, degree tools.
  • MasonPost Passport - Fun online game/competition to incourage visitation.
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