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Mason Post Updates: What's New

Latest Updates:

  • Patreon Account created. You can support here
  • SSL has been installed to keep logins and email addresses secure.
  • The 354 blue lodges of Kentucky have been added.

Other Milestones ( in reverse chronological order ):

  • The 220 blue lodges of Oklahoma have been added.
  • Updated Florida to reflect recent redistricting.
  • The 238 blue lodges of Arkansas have been added.
  • The 135 blue lodges of West Virginia have been added.
  • The 83 blue lodges of Vermont have been added.
  • The 65 blue lodges of South Dakota have been added.
  • The 56 blue lodges of New Mexico have been added.
  • The 52 blue lodges of Idaho have been added.
  • The 64 blue lodges of Arizona have been added.
  • The 44 blue lodges of Wyoming have been added.
  • The 46 blue lodges of North Dakota have been added.
  • The 42 blue lodges of Nevada have been added.
  • The 26 blue lodges of Alaska have been added.
  • The 20 blue lodges of Alaska have been added.
  • The 11 blue lodges of Hawaii have been added.
  • The 139 blue lodges of Nebraska have been added.
  • The 243 blue lodges of Kansas have been added.
  • Database Fields Added - Meeting time field(s) now allow DarkMonths list as well as a Notes area.
  • The 92 blue lodges of Montana have been added.
  • + Officer Positions added: Pursuivant, Organist/Musician, Sr/Jr. Master of Cermonies.
  • The 247 blue lodges of Mississippi have been added.
  • The 28 blue lodges of Delaware have been added.
  • The 296 blue lodges of Florida have been added.
  • The 94 blue lodges of Connecticut have been added.
  • The 131 blue lodges of Colorado have been added.
  • The 99 blue lodges of Maryland have been added.
  • County links are now listed on state pages. Only counties with lodges are listed.
  • + Officer Position added: Marshall and Master of Ceremonies.
  • The 872 blue lodges of Texas have been added.
  • The 330 blue lodges of Tennessee have been added.
  • The 430 blue lodges of Pennsylvania have been added.
  • The 304 blue lodges of Alabama have been added.
  • District Officer contact information added where available

  • District pages now have DDGM/DDGL information update forms that allow the officers name, lodge, email and phone numbers to be added. Likewise, if an email is on file for a District Officer an e-Mail link is now available next to their name. The e-Mail will take the user to a secure form which keeps the officers email private. IF, your district's page on does not have Officer information posted, please help get the word out by letting your district DDGM/DDGL know that this new online resource is available to them.
  • The sites look/feel has been updated.
    I ran into some scalability issues as well as some usability concerns. While the "design" is no where close to being complete. I believe the new "layout" will adapt better to the information that it needs to represented on the site, it will display better on mobile devices, as well as, be more accessible for those of us that need to increase the font size for readability.
  • Blue Lodge Search
    Improvements have been made on the Lodge Search system. Punctuation and spacing is no longer required to be "exact". Some geographical search ( CITY, COUNTY and ZIPCODE ) improvements have been made also. The zipcode is still not complete and we will be adding state filtering soon as well.
  • Social Media Links
    You can Like the MasonPost Page, or get the MasonPost facebook updates by following us on Twitter. All updates will still be posted on this page and send to email subscribers.
  • 3rd State Added
    The 312 blue lodges of Virginia have been added to the system. Front page has been updated. Georgia will likely be next.
  • Update Subscription
    On the right side of the site there is now a form box that will allow you to "subscribe" to receive updates by email. Lots of people dont use facebook and so they can find out when new features are available via email now. I promise I won't flood your email. Things are already starting to slow down a bit after just a week of rapid development.
  • Mulit-State Coverage
    The 302 blue lodges in South Carolina have been added to the system. Front page has been updated with State page links. Additional states will coming online soon.
  • Blue Lodge Search
    This function offers two types of search. 1) Search by lodge number or lodge name 2) Search by location: city, county or zipcode. NOTE: most profiles are lacking zipcode data. We will upgrade this to convert zipcode to city in the future to allow for better coverage by zipcode. This should be a great feature, providing visitors and prospective candidates with a tool to find the nearest blue lodge to their home.
  • Address and Map Links
    Physical address for each blue lodge is now displayed, if we have it on file, as well as a link to google maps. A form to submit your lodges physical address, mailing address, as well as other information will be made available soon. Note: Profile layout is in its very early stage, expect things to get more organized and user friendly soon.
  • Lodge Officers List
    Blue lodge officer page now available. If officer data is missing, a form to submit your lodges officers is available.
  • Blue Lodge Profile Pages
    Blue lodge profiles for the 375 AF&AM lodges of North Carolina published. Lodge profile includes, city, state, district and meeting times. If available, a website link is provided to the lodge's official website. Also, if available to the system, mailing address, chartered date, etc. is posted.
  • Blue Lodge District Pages
    District profiles for the 41 AF&AM Districts of North Carolina published. Profile includes current DDGM/DDGL names and list of all lodges within the district. The list of lodges is sortable by lodge number, name and city by clicking on the column heading.
  • Development Scheduled to start
    Site to offer: closed membership to regular and recognized AF&AM, F&AM and PHA freemasons, member profiles, lodge profiles ( can serve as free web presence or simple profile with link to official lodge websites ), visitation tracking (game) and lots more...
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