Group 2

of Alabama

AL District : Blue Lodges

Lodge Name Number City Meetings
Addison463Addison1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Albertville430AlbertvilleEa Mon.
Apollo921Huntsville2nd Wed. / 4th Wed.
Arab663ArabEa Thur.
Arley Fraternal867Arley1st Mon. / 3rd Mon.
Athens16Athens1st Mon. / 3rd Mon.
Baileyton472Baileyton1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Belgreen428Russellville1st Mon. / 3rd Mon.
Boaz546BoazEa Tues.
Bolivar127Stevenson1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Bridgeport543Bridgeport2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Brilliant601Brilliant1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Burleson143Red Bay2nd Mon. / 4th Mon.
Courtland37Courtland2nd Mon. / 4th Mon.
Cullman421CullmanEa Mon.
Falkville396Falkville2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Florence14Florence1st Mon. / 3rd Mon.
Greenhill402Florence1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Guin885Guin2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Gurley521Gurley1st Fri. / 3rd Fri.
Haleyville464HaleyvilleEa Tues.
Hamilton344Hamilton2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Hanceville400Hanceville1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Hatton879Town Creek1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Helion1Huntsville1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Holly Grove323Princeton2nd Sat. / 4th Sat.
John Payne245Millport1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Kennedy467Kennedy1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Killen788Killen2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Leighton43Leighton2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Lexington613Lexington2nd Mon. / 4th Mon.
Littleville881Littleville2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Logan500Logan2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Loyd O. Glenn6Moulton1st Mon. / 3rd Mon.
Lunar918Madison2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Marshall209GuntersvilleEa Tues.
Mt. Zion542Moulton2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Newburg388Newburg1st Thur.
North Border391Elkmont1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
North Sand Mountain 920Bryant2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Northern278New Hope2nd Mon. / 4th Mon.
Nunn-Oden398Hartselle1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Phil Campbell880Phil Campbell1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Progress870Pisgah2nd Sat. / 4th Sat.
Rising Sun29Decatur1st Mon. / 3rd Mon.
Rogersville147Rogersville2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Russellville371Russellville1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Scottsboro359Scottsboro1st Mon. / 3rd Mon.
Section565Section2nd Mon. / 4th Mon.
Sheffield503Sheffield2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Simcoe854Cullman2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Solar914Huntsville2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Somerville721Somerville2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Spruce Pine608Spruce Pine2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Sulligent532Sulligent1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Town Creek361Town Creek2nd Thur. / 4th Thur.
Trimble739Cullman1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Union Grove320Union GroveEa Mon.
Vernon389Vernon2nd Tues. / 4th Tues.
Vertagreen919Cherokee1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Vinemont562Vinemont1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.
Walter R. Bogart882Hollywood2nd Mon. / 4th Mon.
Washington36Tuscumbia2nd Mon. / 4th Mon.
West Point758West Point1st Mon. / 3rd Mon.
Winfield304Winfield1st Tues. / 3rd Tues.
Winston877Double Springs1st Thur. / 3rd Thur.

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