4th Masonic District of Indiana

Huntington, Wells, Adams, Grant, Blackford, Jay, Madison, Deleware, Randolph

IN District : Blue Lodges

Lodge Name Number City Meetings
Alexandria235Alexandria1st Tues. 7:30p / 3rd Tues. 7:30p
Amity483Huntington1st Mon. 7:30p
Anthony171Albany3rd Tues. 7:30p
Arcana427Upland1st Thur. 7:30p
Blackford106Hartford City1st Wed. 7:30p / 3rd Wed. 7:30p
Bluffton145Bluffton1st Tues. 7:30p
Daleville730Daleville1st Wed. 7:30p
Decatur571Decatur1st Tues. 7:30p
Delaware46Muncie1st Wed. 7:00p
Fairmount635Fairmount3rd Wed. 7:30p
Farmland308Farmland1st Mon. 7:00p
Fellowship681Anderson1st Thur. 7:00p
Frankton607Frankton1st Tues. 7:30p / 3rd Tues. 7:30p
Gas City645Gas City1st Tues. 7:30p
Grant637Swayzee1st Mon. 7:30p / 4th Mon. 7:30p
Halfway298Redkey1st Tues. 7:30p
Jay87Portland1st Mon. 7:30p
Jonesboro109Jonesboro1st Mon. 7:00p
Lapel625Lapel1st Thur. 7:00p
Losantville674Losantville1st Tues. 7:30p
Madison44Pendleton1st Wed. 7:30p
Markleville629Markleville1st Thur. 7:30p
Matthews650Matthews1st Tues. 7:30p / 3rd Tues. 7:30p
McCulloch737Marion1st Thur. 7:00p
Montpelier600Montpelier1st Mon. 7:30p / 3rd Mon. 7:30p
Mt. Etna333Huntington1st Thur. 7:30p
Mt. Moriah77Anderson1st Mon. 7:00p
Muncie433Muncie1st Thur. 7:00p
Ovid164Anderson1st Tues. 7:00p
Parker630Parker City1st Wed. 7:00p
Pennville212Pennville1st Thur. 7:30p
Quincy230Elwood1st Tues. 7:30p
Roanoke195Roanoke1st Tues. 7:30p / 3rd Tues. 7:30p
Samaritan105Marion1st Wed. 7:00p
Solar734Anderson1st Mon. 7:00p
Summitville691Summitville1st Mon. 7:30p
Turpen401Union City3rd Tues. 7:00p
Van Buren711Van Buren1st Mon. 7:30p
Whitney229Muncie3rd Wed. 7:00p
Wilbur A. Full744Muncie1st Tues. 7:30p
Winchester56Winchester1st Mon. 7:00p

Other IN Districts

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